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Represented the Liquidator of a major Latvian bank against a Russian bank in a lawsuit involving fraudulent actions and embezzlement;

Represented a major foreign investment fund in Russian Arbitrage Courts in a complex securities lawsuit against registrar and issuer; Dealt extensively with Russian law enforcement authorities;

Represented the largest Russian commercial bank in a lawsuit for damages resulting from illegal actions of state officials;

Represented the largest Russian energy producer against its foreign partner in connection with the results of a General Shareholder's Meeting;

Represented Russian state authorities in connection with the overruling of the results of privatization tenders of Russian manufacturing companies;

Advising a foreign financial holding company on legal and tax matters of its real estate investments in the RF (amounting to the equivalent of USD 30 million); Rendered advice on tax implications of various routes for repatriating profits from RF in the form of lease payments, dividends, interests, etc.

Advised the Corporate Finance department of major Russian investment bank on legal, tax & real estate issues of the privatization of a major retail store in Moscow (total amount of investments equivalent to USD 45 million); Drafted Investment Agreements, Share-Purchase Agreements, negotiated with potential investors.

Managed due diligence projects of real estate ventures in Moscow (Business Centers in the business center of Moscow total amount of investments equivalent to USD 150 million and USD 120 million); Represented major US developers in relationships with Russian partners; Drafted corporate documents for the foundation of real estate companies, rendered taxation advice on structuring of transactions.

Advised a consortium of Russian and foreign financial institutions in a bid for the purchase of a major share in the largest Russian telecommunications company in 1997;

Advised on legal and tax matters relating to establishment of a major Russian investment bank;

Advised the biggest Moscow retailer (annual turnover equivalent to USD 40 million) on the legal and real estate issues of its trading activities;